What is Gaming 3.0?

Gaming 3.0 is a term referring to decentralized gaming products, such as sportsbooks, casinos, lotteries, poker, and their underlying technology.

1.0 refers to the brick and mortar industry, shops on side streets and bookmakers at racecourses.

2.0 refers to the web boom, hosting of online services and greater accessibility for all.

Gaming 3.0 is the adoption of underlying blockchain technology to create new value for users and operators alike.

Decentralization is a major step for the industry and comes with a new set of challenges in addition to the ones operators already face. However, it opens up a vast array of potential opportunities, improvements, and functionality that more than make up for the struggles of adapting to a new technology.

Perhaps most importantly it would allow the industry to operate at a far higher level of efficiency across the board.

Due to the higher efficiency operators will see costs sharply decline, particularly in the way of a lower entry barrier for initial startup. The network itself handles many tasks that normally would require entire departments to handle, faster and more accurately.

Users will have enhanced security and privacy options, with far greater accessibility. And due to the lower barriers to entry for operators, users will enjoy the benefits of a much more competitive market with higher value services and better fee structures.

Web3 has garnered some negative connotations along the way and is regarded by some as just a marketing buzzword or byproduct of a crypto bubble full of solutions in search of problems.

Yet in many ways it is reminiscent of the early web days, and full of potential!.

Gaming is a great choice for an early use case, which has held true for both Web 1.0 and 2.0. It is a largely self-contained ecosystem that plays very well to the strengths of the web. This should be even more evident with Web3 due to the heavy focus on payments and ledgers. Payment processing is a large part of casinos, and sportsbooks rely on ledgers at their very core.

If Web3 makes progress in the gaming space, it is a huge endorsement for its overall viability.

GAMBL aims to be the vessel!

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