GAMBL Looks Back at 2022

With 2022 now in the books and a fresh new year ahead of us, it’s a good time to take a look back and review our progress through the year. Especially for all of those who have only just learned of us in the past few months. So here’s a quick recap of GAMBL’s first year being public – Building a strong foundation which includes initiating development, working on the legal/regulatory side, creating media and content, networking on both the crypto and gambling side, establishing a community, and much more. Read ahead where we cover these in a bit more in-depth, with links to further details, and finally a few quotes from our leaders.

Firstly, it would only be proper to recognize all of the work that goes into GAMBL largely behind the scenes. For much of 2022, especially the first half of the year, the primary focus was on laying a strong foundation that we can build upon in the coming months and years. Everything from development, to legal/regulatory, media, networking, community, and more. All of this requires a well-balanced, skilled, and hard-working team and it has been great to see them take on all of the various challenges that inevitably arise with a project of this scale and complexity. Doing all of these things properly will undoubtedly save us a great deal of time and resources in the long run.

Networking has been a focus of ours in particular at this stage, as it is crucial to spread our message and awareness of GAMBL as widely as possible. The largest event by far was the SiGMA conference, especially as it was returning home to Malta this time. It was quite a unique opportunity for many reasons, not the least of which was their keen interest in blockchain this year. Crypto may be in a bear market but the gambling industry is just getting started with involvement in blockchain. You can read more about our time at SiGMA here.

I also should mention that our Founder/COO Jason has been taking the time to go on many different gambling and crypto podcasts in order to spread the word even further. Highly recommend even if only to get to know him, his vision for GAMBL, and views on the industry as a whole. You can find upcoming podcasts on our Twitter and also recordings of previous podcasts.

We had our presale earlier this year for our earliest supporters. Having their support means a lot to us and it provides us with even more motivation to change the gambling industry for the better. And having others that not only recognize the many issues in the industry, but also see it as a great opportunity, is truly a blessing. We also recognize their efforts too, as word-of-mouth can be a powerful tool indeed.

It seems only fitting to close out this year-end recap with a few quotes from our leaders. The first is from Mario who said – “We are able to provide a clear and trustworthy foundation for players that removes many of the concerns they have about traditional online sportsbooks & casinos. Players should not have to worry about the safety of their deposits, or having their accounts blocked/restricted after a big win. ALL players are welcome on the GAMBL Platform, where every financial transaction is recorded, stored, and performed in a secure manner. They are available at all times to be checked by players, operators, and regulators alike.”

The other one is from Jason, when he spoke of the unique benefits and value of properly integrating blockchain technology into the gambling industry. “The decentralized nature of blockchain is fundamentally transparent, which is a quality that the traditional betting and gaming industry isn’t particularly known for. As a result, blockchain solutions in this industry can offer unique values to users, operators, and investors.”

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