GAMBL goes to SiGMA

SiGMA is the world’s largest hub for the iGaming industry. They cover practically all aspects of the industry for both land-based and online. Perhaps most interesting for GAMBL though is that they have taken a keen interest in blockchain and other emerging technologies. This interest has been further cemented with their creation of AIBC in 2018, which helped to create a wave of blockchain adoption and regulation in Malta.

Malta has been a hotbed of innovation for iGaming and this has become clearly evident by their rapid growth during and after the pandemic. The industry there has tripled in size since then, which is far more growth than the rest of Europe. Their forward-looking approach and willingness to adopt new technologies such as blockchain has enabled this small island to become a major player. Other nations would be wise to study and learn from their approach.

Returning home to Malta was undoubtedly quite special for SiGMA. It certainly was for our own Mario Fiorini, who had the honor of being a judge for the SiGMA Awards alongside other industry leaders and experts. Also it was a great opportunity to learn from some of the best minds in the industry.

Unique opportunities is perhaps the best way to sum up the week in just a few words. No other event has nearly as much focus on the intersection of iGaming and blockchain, so it was an excellent chance to network and learn from each other. Especially for this year since blockchain was more represented than it has ever been, both in the number of speakers and attendees. Those in iGaming appear to be betting big on the long-term growth and usefulness of blockchain, it doesn’t seem to be just another passing fad to them.

We’re already looking forward to next year as it will almost surely be bigger and better!

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