BETDAQ joins large list of sportsbooks banning winners

Even after referring to themselves as “The People’s Exchange” in many marketing efforts, a BETDAQ employee has provided confirmation to the growing number of user complaints that they are banning people simply for winning a bit too often.

In hindsight I suppose it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, as they are under the same parent company as Ladbrokes – GVC Holdings. Ladbrokes has had the policy for quite some time in an effort to increase profitability and appease hungry investors. This effort is misguided and perhaps unethical, and puts minor short-term profitability ahead of long-term sustainability. The drop in liquidity from limiting users could have a series of negative effects for BETDAQ as time goes on and the bad press surely won’t help either.

There is little to no doubt that further consequences will be felt in the coming years also, especially as legitimate blockchain betting solutions begin to come online and grow. Centralized crypto exchanges aren’t even banning successful traders, yet they’re still facing stiff competition from their decentralized counterparts.

The sports betting industry has a revolution coming and bettors can rest assured that the end is drawing near for unethical practices such as these.

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